About Us

Young Exceptionally Gifted Students is produced by YEGS.org in association with ZanePrep.com. YEGS are students and adults who, at age 8-18, were intellectually gifted and typically accelerated their high school and/or college education.

YEGS.org provides Resources and Community for:

  • YEGS Students – Personal and academic development, opportunities for higher education, and fulfilling careers that serve both self and society.
  • YEGS Parents – Opportunities to maximize your child’s potential as a YEGS.
  • YEGS Educators – Unique pedagogical requirements of educating YEGS.
  • Media – News about YEGS and their contributions to society, see YEGS Hall of Fame.

YEGS Editorial Board of Directors

Founder and Managing Editor – Paul Zane Pilzer
Paul Zane Pilzer was a late-blooming YEGS. He barely graduated high school at age 17 and flunked his first semester at college. Then, he “woke up” on his 18th birthday—earning his BA from Lehigh University by age 20 in 29 months, his MBA from University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) by age 22 in 15 months, and becoming an Adjunct Professor at New York University by age 24–where he taught for 21 years and was voted “best teacher” by NYU students. He joined Citibank and became their youngest officer at age 22 and youngest vice president at age 25. See bio.

Editor-in-Chief – Adam Zweiback
Adam Zweiback earned a B.A. in Politics at Princeton University and an M.A. in History at Stanford University. He served as a teaching assistant at Stanford and U.C. San Diego, and won a Bancroft Library research grant at U.C. Berkeley. His work on 20th Century U.S. political culture has appeared in journals, history conferences, the popular press, and college syllabi. Adam taught history and mathematics at private secondary schools in New Jersey, California, Arizona, Spain, and England, working extensively with highly gifted students. Adam is also a nationally recognized expert on standardized tests, having published books on how to prepare for entrance examinations such as the SAT, GRE, SSAT, COOP, and more.

Senior Research Assistant – Alexandra Dietzgen
Alexandra Dietzgen is a second semester senior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in International Relations and will graduate in the fall of 2010. She participated in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Search at age 12 and took the high school SAT. In addition to attending Mount Holyoke College, Alexandra spent a year studying International Relations in Brussels, Belgium at Vesalius College.